Youth of Constantine: Al Kaf dealt with the issue of Ismaili amateur way

The youth of Constantine continued to criticize CAF's decision to return the Egyptian club Ismaili to the African Champions League after he decided to dismiss him at the start of the match in the final minutes of the match at the African-Tunisian Club.

French coach Denis Lavan, director of the youth club Constantine, said in a statement to Algerian radio on Friday that CAF dealt with the issue of Ismaili amateur way, and that his officials showed a clear deficit in the application of regulations.

Lavan explained that Ismaili players have no income in what happened, and that the responsibility is borne by the masses, stressing at the same time that the CAF had all the time to address the issue of Ismaili in time.

He also noted that the return of the two games against Ismaili will affect the plans of the team, which also competes on the league and local cup competitions.

Tariq Arrama, managing director of the youth club of Constantine, confirmed that the African Union did not have mercy on his team, through the decision to return Isma'ili to the African Champions League.

He expressed astonishment at the content of the team's final decision, which indicates the establishment of a face-off on February 23, and the return on March 2, but without confirming the attendance of the public in the first game.

The youth mission of Constantine travels to Egypt on February 19.

Arafa revealed that Al-Kaf had only informed his team that other decisions would be taken later in reference to possible sanctions against Ismaili.

Arrah, the influence of the football officials in Tunisia and Egypt, was in favor of the decisions of the African Union, which in his view reflected the decision to return Ismaili to the African Champions League, while ES Setif was excluded from the same competition in similar circumstances.

Arrama said that the organizing committee of the Algiers Cup had agreed to the team's request to postpone the double match against MC Oran in the quarter-finals on March 12 and 29, after the first leg scheduled for February 19 and the return on the 27th of the same month due to the desire to prepare well For the matches awaiting him in the African Champions League.


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