"The Fugitive" in the Champions League .. The controversy is chasing Europe after Africa

In December, UEFA announced the launch of VAR in the Champions League this season, starting in the Round of 16.

"We are convinced that this technique will be useful and that its application will be positively reflected on all UEFA competitions, because it will provide great benefit to the referees and will reduce the decisions," said UEFA president Aleksandr Chivrin after announcing the decision. Which is applied in some games. "

The rounds of the 16th round of the continental championships have already seen the start of Tuesday's match between Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Roma and Porto, and on Wednesday between Real Madrid and Ajax Amsterdam, Tottenham and Borussia Dortmund.

Video technology played an active role in the match against Real Madrid and Ajax Amsterdam, where VAR canceled a goal for the Dutch team for infiltration.

Ajax scored a goal through Nicolas Tagliavico. After the celebrations, the referee intervened and pointed to the video to go to watch the game again, and then he canceled the goal of the Dutch team in a historic shot in the European competition.

In a statement to the referee, Andragar Oliver, quoted by Marka, the Spanish confirmed that the goal scored by Nicholas for Ajax, and canceled the referee after the reference to the technique of refereeing the video assistant was a valid target, saying that Tadic was not overlapping ball with Tibo Kurtwa during the handling of the ball which means The health of the target completely.

The incident sparked controversy within the sports community and imposed itself on the world stage. It also brought to mind what happened during the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Terraji in the African Champions League final, which witnessed the application of technology for the first time in the history of the tournament.

For those who do not remember, the first leg between the two teams at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria and managed by Algerian referee Mehdi Obeid Charf witnessed a wide arbitration in Arab and African circles because of two facts in the game.

The first incident was after the Algerian penalty for the Egyptian team after the keeper of Al-Moez Ben Sherifia Esperance goalkeeper Al-Ahli Walid Azarou, Obeid went to the video to see the re-shot more than once to kick his whistle by calculating the error on the goalkeeper of the Tunisian team.

The second incident was in the 72nd minute of the match, Moroccan Walid Azzaro fell again within the penalty area of ​​the opponent, Algerian fired his whistle stopped the game and then went to review the verdict of the video to announce another penalty for the Egyptian team, who won the match 3-1.

El Kef's sentences have been suspended for a period of up to 60 days before he returns to practice his arbitration duties.

And between the supporters and opponents of the application of technology still need some adjustments either to cases where the use of VAR or the training of the rulers more, which helps them to gain experience and appreciation of positions well.


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