Report .. Qualifying and avoiding a negative number within six challenges for Al Ahly against Vita Club

Al-Ahli will play a major match on Saturday during their African tour when they clash with the Vita Club of the Congolese team at Al-Shuhada Stadium in the fifth round of Group D of the African Champions League.

Under the leadership of Uruguayan coach Martin Lassarti, Ahli hopes to complete his career with the club's special offers in the league after nine successive victories in the local tour.

, Highlighted six challenges for Ahly during his encounter with the Congo champions:


Al Ahly need only three points in the next two games to ensure their official qualification for the quarter-finals of the third consecutive season.

Al Ahly are top of the standings with seven points from Yelena Simba of Tanzania with six points and Al Saoura of Algeria with five points.

Al-Ahly's victory in Saturday's match will mean his official qualification for the next round without considering the outcome of his last match against the Algerian Al-Saoura youth, which will be held in mid-March in Egypt.

- Martyrs Stadium

Al Ahli is looking to inflict the first loss of Vita Club at home "martyrs" after 14 games in which he won the 11 occasions against three draws.

The Congolese champion and contender for the Confederation Cup last season have not suffered a defeat at home since the Sundowns in the 2017 group stage after losing to a goal of three.

- First win

Al-Ahly's first leg of the tournament was not the first of the two games, but the Egyptian team failed to win after a 0-0 draw against Mazembe in the group stage in 2002 and lost 2-0 in the group stage in the 2012 edition.

Al Ahli has a record record against the Congolese side, winning three occasions, the last of which was against Vita Club in the first round match during this edition.

- First strike

Uruguay coach Martin Lasarte is looking for a first-place victory with Al Ahli after two failed attempts to win the match.

The first games for the foreign clubs were against Al-Saoura of Algeria in the second round of the group stage and Al-Ahli came out with a positive draw (1-1).

On the other hand, Lesarte received his first foreign loss by Simba Tanzanians in the last round with a goal without a reply.

- Avoid negative number

My side is aiming to avoid a negative number with Al Ahli, which is not losing a second straight in the African group stage.

Al Ahli has not received since the start of the group stage new version in 2017 any consecutive losses.

- A win has not been achieved since the trip to Tunisia

Since 17 August last year. Al Ahly did not know how to win away at the African Championship, where the last red victories were held by Esperance in a non-response in the fifth round of the group stage.

Al-Ahli have won six home matches since they beat Esperance 2-0 in front of Conakry Guinean and Al-Saoura's Algerians. Four defeats were played by ES Setif of Algeria, Al-Terraji of Tunisia, Jamaa Guevara of Ethiopia and Simba Tansani.


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