Report .. node 204 days is still chasing Ahli in Africa

Al Ahli continued to suffer from the African side after falling to Vita Club Congo 1-0 on Saturday in the semi-final round of the group stage of the Champions League.

Al-Ahli's seven-point lead at the top of the standings was temporarily suspended by a direct lead against Vita Club, who lost 2-0.

- Suffering outside the home

Al Ahly failed to achieve any victory this season in the African Champions League, continuing to suffer for the seventh straight game away in the continental competition, specifically 204 days ago.

The last victory of the Red Card was to be held on 17 August 2018 after the win over Esperance of Tunisia with the goal of Moroccan Walid Azzaro, at the end of the group stage of the last version of the competition

Since then, Al Ahli have drawn 0-0 in Guinea in the Champions League quarter-final, losing to ES Setif in Algeria 2-0 and Al Targe in Tunisia 3-0 in the final.

The negative results of Al Ahli went on in the current edition, after losing 1-0 to Jemaa (1-0), before the draw with Al Saoura (1-1), losing to Simba Tensani (1-0) and Vita Club Groups.

Al Ahly will have five defeats and two drawings, but only two goals and nine goals in the last seven away games in the Champions League, in which they are looking to recover the missing title since 2013.

Congolese knot

Ahli of the Republic of Congo will not win any of the three African Champions League matches.

Al-Ahli met Mazembe in the 2002 edition of the group stage, and Al-Ahmar managed to win the home with a 1-0 draw, but they drew a draw in Congo.

In the 2012 edition of the same round, Al-Ahli beat Mazembe 2-1 in Egypt before returning from Congo 2-0 defeat.

Also in the group stage, Al Ahly scored their third win against the Congolese teams after beating Vita Club in Egypt 2-0,


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