Report .. Compulsory amendment? .. The return of Ismaili to Africa may put the football federation in a new crisis

The African Football Confederation (CAF) has announced the date of the Ismaili club's matches against the Algerian youth of Constantine in the third and fourth group matches of the African Champions League.

The official website of CAF announced on Wednesday that the first confrontation will be held on February 23 in Egypt, while the fourth round will be held in Algeria on the second of next March.

KAF's new appointments over the Ismaili matches could cause a new crisis for the competition committee headed by Amer Hussein after Darwish returns to participate in the African Championship.

4 matches threatened with postponement

The head of the Competition Committee, Amer Hussein, has no choice but to choose a single way to resolve the problem of the Ismaili games, whether in the league or cup competition.

The start of the postponement will be Ismaili's match against Al Ittihad of Alexandria, which is scheduled for February 21 in the quarter-finals of the Egyptian Cup.

Of course, the Ismaili administration will demand the postponement of the face of the junior leader because of the preparations to meet the hero of Algeria.

The second game is the face of the Ismaili and the army's forerunners, which included in the 24 week competition.

This game will also be difficult to set up on time because it will follow the face of Constantine youth only two days.

The third match, which will of course be postponed is the face of Ismaili and Samouha scheduled for the first of next March.

The match will also be postponed due to Ismaili's exit to Algeria to meet with the youth of Constantine on the second of the same month.

The fourth game is also threatened by the postponement of the face of Ismaili and El Gouna scheduled for the fifth of next March.

Ismaili may be asked to postpone the match because the team have a game in Algeria and there is not enough time to prepare for the game El Gouna, which comes within the postponed round of the seventeenth week.

Message for competitions

Ahmad Al-Qenaoui, Ismaili's general manager, sent a message to Ammar Hussein, head of the competitions committee, after the team's return to the African Champions League.

Qenaoui stressed in special statements to Lila Koura, "We ask the head of the competitions committee, Amer Hussein, not to pressure the local matches of Ismaili, especially as the team is coming to important contributions during the next phase, and travel outside Egypt in the African Championship.

Compulsory modification

Before the CAF decision on the timing of the Ismaili matches against the Algerian champions, the Competitions Committee announced new dates for the league matches.

The decision of the Competitions Committee came against the backdrop of the opposition of Pyramids and Zamalek clubs not to compete league clubs in the league competition and specifically Ahli, which made the Competition Committee announce new dates for the magazines, including the Ismaily Club.

A previous crisis

Ismaili's administration has entered into a previous crisis with the Football Federation and the Competition Committee because of the latter's refusal to postpone the Darweesh match against the Arab Contractors against the backdrop of the team's travel to Cameroon to face the cotton in the African Champions League.

Ismaili's administration headed by Ibrahim Osman decided to withdraw from the league competition, which made Amer Hussein retreat and postpone the match Arab Contractors, which was held on the second of January.


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