No victory .. Ismaili farewell to the African Champions League against Mazembe

Ismaili left the African Champions League after a 1-1 draw with Mazembe in a match at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria in the last round of the African Champions League group stage.

Mazembe opened the scoring in the 40th minute by Mishak Ilia before Abdul Rahman Magdy tied Ismaili in the 55th minute.

As a result, Isma'ili remain on top of Group C with two points from two draws after failing to win, while Mazembe scored 8 points in second place.

Ismaili returned to the current CAF Champions League after CAF decided to lift the suspension from the club and accept the board's appeal against its exclusion from the competition after the riots in the African-Tunisian match.

The African Union decided to exclude Isma'ili from the Champions League after forcing the referee to suspend his match against Africa on January 18 from the 86th minute until the end of the several-minute riot before the match was canceled.

Ismaili officials have been based on their grievance to Article 12 of the African Union (AU) Regulation, which stipulates that the public must take to the pitch or have a guest member penalized for exclusion.

Group C:

1 - Constantine Algerian - 10 points.

2 - Congolese Mazembe - 8 points.

Tunisian African - 7 points.

4- Ismaili - Two points.

the summary of the match:

The first half hour of the game saw no real danger on the part of the teams, with Ismaili taking the ball midway through most of the game without threatening the Mazembe keeper.

Mazembe's chances were that Darwish's dreams would have been lost if the defense and goalkeeper had not taken the ball out of the penalty area in the 35th and 37th minutes.

Mazembe continued to lose the lead in the 40th minute after Mishak Elia turned a corner cross from the right-hand corner with a shot past Mohamed Fawzi's feet.

Ten minutes into the second half, Isma'ili managed to equalize the result by international striker Abdel Rahman Magdi from a shot fired by Bisra in the right corner of the guard.

The substitute Shilongo missed the chance to score the second goal of the Ismaili in the 85th minute of the meeting, after he shot the ball far from the goal of Mazembe to fail to exploit the cross-Rahman Mohammed.

The match was followed by goalkeeper Mohamed Fawzi to save Isma'ili from Mazembe's second goal after a powerful shot from outside the penalty area by the player in the 87th minute.

Ismaili formation: Mohammed Fawzi, Tarek Taha, Bafour, Baher Hammadi, Ahmed Ayman, Imad Hamdi, Ibrahim Abdel Khalek, Wajih Abdel Hakim, Mohamed Darf, Abdel Rahman Magdy, Oda Marshall.


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