Maran Ahli .. Long physical share .. And training on the promotions and corrections

Al-Ahly Marana continued to play in the Congo on Friday in preparation for their match against Vita Club at 6:00 pm on Saturday in the fifth round of the African Champions League group stage.

Sayed Abdel Hafiz, the club's football director, allowed the Congolese media and a number of African channels to attend a 15-minute first leg in accordance with the CA rules governing the African Champions League.

Lassarti was keen to meet with the assistant team on the sidelines of the team's training session on Friday. He set some tasks for the members of the technical staff during the team's training session today, and then talked about tomorrow's game and some technical issues related to it.

The team led a long stretch of physical and hospital training with the team's first team run, today led by Alejandro, the team's coach, for 20 minutes.

On the sidelines of the match, Sayed Abdel Hafiz, the club's football director, was keen to meet the team's doctor, Khaled Mahmoud, on the sidelines of the team's collective rehearsal. Abdel-Hafiz asked the team doctor about the condition of the injured players and the player's nutrition program. Participates in group exercises.

Spaniard, the coach of the team, was keen to guide the players between the two seasons today, taking water and juices to face the humidity in the Congo. The players were given part-time between the team's mass sessions on Friday for juice and water.

Sebastien stressed all players during the passage of the need to take water to avoid injuries caused by high temperatures and humidity in the hardness of the pitch.

Martin Lasarte, coach of Ahly Mirran, teamed up with the players' practice of cross-ball and cross-field shooting from outside the box.

All players participated in the paragraph that was held at the end of the team's match today at the Martyrs' Stadium in the Congolese capital, Kinshasa.

Lasarte led the players in a strong tie-up with the end of the team race. All players except Hisham Mohamed, who only had a gym session due to knee pain, participated in the tie-up.

I assured my club of all the players in the team, which was interrupted more than once to implement some technical and tactical sentences.


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