How will Egypt's representatives be identified in the club tournaments?

The African Football Confederation (CAF) has explained how the current situation in Egyptian football will be dealt with. The names of the clubs participating in the Champions League and the Confederation will not be decided on time to send the club names.

The stand of the Egyptian championships after security decided to postpone the Cup games, and then announced Amer Hussein, head of the competitions committee that the tournament may be completed after the end of the Nations of Africa in July.

Not to settle the competitions, makes the biggest crisis facing the Egyptian clubs is to identify the participants in the two African Championships, whether the start of the new season of them on August 9 next.

Yalla Koura spoke to Shiho Deco, a member of the AU Club Competition Committee, to clarify the situation and possible solutions.

"I think the names will be sent between May and June, while the clubs will register their participation and their lists in late July and early August, as the tournament will kick off in August," he said.

"I can not say anything now," he said of the possibility of offering solutions to the Egyptian clubs' position. "The African Union has announced the dates of the tournaments for three years to come."

"It is an internal matter for the local federation and it has to make the decision if it is necessary. This is an exceptional season and extraordinary measures can be taken," he said.

In previous times, the Egyptian Federation has chosen the clubs participating in the Champions League and the Confederation Cup in the seasons that have not witnessed the establishment of local competitions between 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.

He also explained his opinion on the proposal of the president of the Egyptian Federation, Hani Abu Reda, who pointed to the possibility of obtaining an exception from the African Union not to participate in the Egyptian clubs in the preliminary stages: "Perhaps we can look at this, but this may cause the objection of other clubs, but It could happen. "

Egyptian clubs, if approved by the African Union to exclude Egyptian clubs from participation in the preliminary stages, can start the season from 13 September.

Like Egypt in the current season, Ahly and Ismaily in the African Champions League, alongside Zamalek and Egypt in the Confederation, but the list of the African Union does not force the local federation to choose the same clubs in the event of the completion of local competitions on time.


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