How can Ismaili qualify for the Champions' Quarterfinals? Opportunity Fore List

Ismaili lost to the youth of Constantine in the third round of the group stage of the African Champions League, with a subjective goal in the final moments of the age of the game.

Ismaili have one point and a game less than Mazembe and African, 6 points behind the lead.
Ismaili plays the fourth round match against the youth of Constantine in Algeria, then returns to Egypt to face TP Mazembe before heading to Tunisia to play against the Tunisian African.

But how can Ismaili qualify for the quarter-finals of the tournament through his next three games?

Before looking at the chances, Isma'ili if he can beat Constantine in the fourth round match will be equal to the Tunisian African in the number of points and only three points behind Constantine and Mazembe.

- Ismaili can lead the group in the event of winning all his next games, where he will reach 10 points, with Constantine tied with Mazembe in the Congo.

Ismaili could lead the group even if they reach point 10 even if Constantine or Mazembe win in the last round, but on the condition that Ismaili outperform the winning team.

- Ismaili can also qualify in second place in the table if he wins the three games with the victory of Constantine over Mazembe and African to become the Dervishes 10 points, and the Algerian team 13 points.

- Ismaili have a chance to qualify in second place if they draw with Constantine and then beat Mazembe and Africa to 8 points. Constantine will win Mazembe, but in the case of the draw they will resort to direct confrontations between Mazembe and Isma'ili.

- There is a chance for the four clubs to reach 8 points in the case of Ismaili win over Constantine and Mazembe, and draw with the African, with the victory of Africa on Constantine, in which case the qualification of direct confrontations.


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