El Esperance and Sundowns win, and 6 seats to be resolved by 7 matches

In the last two rounds - and South Africa's Sundowns qualified for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League before the end of the group stage in one round.

The competition is on fire before the start of the sixth and final round, with 11 teams vying for six seats in the next round after Esperance and Sundowns officially rose.

In the following report, "Yalla Koura" reviews the position of the four groups after the end of the fifth round of the Champions League:

- The first group

South Africa's Sundowns, who won the 2016 final, were officially qualified to beat Nigeria's Lobi Stars 3-0 with 10 points.

In contrast, Morocco's Wydad Casablanca - the 2017 champions - lost to Ivory Coast champions ASEC 2-0.

The standings are: Sundowns (10 points) - Wydad Casablanca (7 points) - ASEC (7 points) - Lobby Stars (4 points).

After the Sundowns, the competition between the duo Wydad and Asek was the only chance for the duo to win with the other side falling in the sense that if the Moroccan champions wanted to qualify officially without looking to the Ivory Coast champion to beat the Sundowns in the last round.

On the other hand, if Asek wants to officially qualify, he will win on Libya's Lobi Stars, with Wydad falling against Sundowns in a draw or loss.

Wydad's qualification comes at the expense of ASEC when the two teams reach the tenth point because of the superiority of the hero of Morocco in direct confrontations against the hero of Côte d'Ivoire.

- the second group

Tunisia's Esperance have officially qualified for the next round next to the top of their group after beating Conakry Guinean 2-0 without a reply, bringing Bab Souika to 11 points.

In contrast, South African Orlando Pirates fell to a 2-1 win over Platinum Stars Zimbabwe.

Esperance (11 points) - Real Madrid (7 points) - Orlando (6 points) - Platinum (two points).

The next round will be firefight and the reason is a direct encounter between the two teams of the past and Orlando, where the hero of Guinea two ways to climb with Esperance, a draw or win, in contrast to the South African champion only to win for the official rise.

- Group III

The team of the Algerian Sporting Club failed to secure their official qualification for the next round after a 0-0 defeat by Tunisia's African champions, while Mazembe scored a valuable 1-1 draw with Ismaili.

The team's ranking is as follows: Sporting Club of Constantine (10 points) - Mazembe (8 points) - African (7 points) - Ismaili (two points).

Sporting Club Al-Qusantini has become the nearest to qualify as he needs to win or draw to secure the lead in the next round when he comes out to meet Mazembe while the latter needs to win the champions of Algeria in order to rise officially without considering the outcome of his African match.

On the other hand, the African need to beat Ismaili with the fall of Mazembe at home, either a draw or loss, then the balance of the Tunisian champion will score 10 points, compared to 9 points for Zambebi if the draw or 8 points if lost.

- Group IV

This group is the most exciting because of the ability of the four clubs are: the youth of the Algerian Saoura, Al Ahly, Vita Club and Simba Tanzani to qualify for the next round.

Al Ahli opened the tournament with a loss from Vita Club (1-0), while Al-Saoura won a precious 2-0 win over Simba.

Al-Saoura (8 points), Al Ahly (7 points), Vita Club (7 points), Simba (6 points).

If Al-Saoura want to officially qualify for a draw or a win over Al-Ahli while the latter and the African qualifier in the last two versions of two ways is to win to qualify and ensure the top of the group.

On the other hand, Vita Club has a chance to win against Tanzania in the last two games against Tanzania. However, in the event of a draw against Al-Ahly and Al-Ahli, the difference will be the second way for Egypt to qualify.

The second chance for Vita Club was tied against Simba, the loss of Ahli against the Saoura and will be the champion of Congo, beating Al Ahly by a point.

On the other hand, the fourth team in the group Simba Tanzanian opportunity to rise is to win only on the Vita Club without considering the match between Al Ahly and the youth of the Saoura.


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