Barcelona to snatch a draw from Villarreal in the meeting of the "2 Remontada"

MADRID (Reuters) - Barcelona have drawn a thrilling draw from Villarreal with four goals for each team on Tuesday evening as part of the 30th round of the Spanish Premier League.

The match saw Barcelona win 2-0 at the start, before Villarreal scored four straight goals, and the Catalan team returned 2-0 in the 90th and 90th minutes.

Barcelona have 70 points in the league, eight points behind Atletico Madrid, while Villarreal are in 17th place with 30 points.

the summary of the match

Villarreal managed to threaten Barcelona's goal early, after Pedraza had a cross in the fourth minute to turn it into a strong header, Steigen barely conceded.

Four minutes later, Chuckwies almost scored a goal for the hosts after being eliminated as a result of a fatal mistake by Omtiti, but the German goalkeeper kept them away again.

With the first attack on Barcelona, ​​Coutinho was able to catch the first goal in the 12th minute after a start from Malcolm, who turned the ground cross for his Brazilian citizen, who gave it the net.

The 16th minute saw a second goal for Barcelona by Malcolm, who received a cross from Vidal to turn it into Villarreal's net, doubling the visitors' lead.

Coutinho missed the opportunity to score the third goal after a goal from Suarez, to separate the goal after the goal but he headed for the ball in the right-footer in the 19th minute.

Chuckuez narrowed Barcelona's lead by scoring Villarreal's first goal after playing Alba before hitting a goal in Al Qaim, but rebounded to strike it back in the net in the 24th minute.

Eccampi equalized for Villarreal in the 49th minute after turning a cross but headed for the goal to hit the net from Steigen.

Ebrora put Villarreal in the lead after scoring his third goal in the 61st minute after being left alone in the defensive, to hit the ball in the net.

Carlos Paca doubled Villarreal's lead in the 80th minute after receiving a long pass from Cazorla to steer clear of the center of the pitch before Steigen dribbled and blocked the net.

Messi scored a third goal for Barcelona in the 90th minute after he got a solid ball out of the box, to make himself strong to hit the post and enter the net.

Suarez saved Barcelona from the defeat after the ball fell in front of him inside the penalty area to launch a ground-breaking shot at Villarreal in the 90 + 3 minute.

Formation of Barcelona: Steigen, Roberto, Omtiti, Lenglida, Alba, Busquets, Arthur, Vidal, Coutinho, Malcolm, Suarez....


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