Analysis .. How did Ahli win? Hammer, Safe Passage and Central "Equator"

Al Ahly grabbed one of their most important victories this season with a clean double on Al Ittihad of Alexandria in the 27th round of the Premier League, but won after suffering and misery in Burj Al Arab.

The national goal came after the end of the original time, Maaloul opened in the 90 + 2 minute, Saleh Juma added the second goal 90 + 8, but what happened within 90 minutes to prepare for this victory?
Helmi Toulan left the ball for Lasarti in the first quarter of the hour and slipped to defense. He managed to make Ahli's takeover negative most of the time, but Al-Ahmar continued to press the ball on the sides and in the middle and then hit the defense with a pass in depth or from the sides.
Al-Ahli continued as a hammer and found a damper happy with beatings, and refused to indulge in his land, and the Union has remained steadfast, addressing every blow come, taking advantage of the red scale and make his strikes ineffectual, weak.
Secure Traffic

At the start of the meeting, Ahli tried to pass from the dilapidated part of Burj Al Arab Stadium, close to the bench and the entrance area of ​​the stadium, but the shape was not the same. The ground, which looked green before the start, was turned back into its heart by a tractor ten minutes later.

Here, Al Ahli started to play on the left side to move away from this mine field, which falls on top of the players whenever they hit their feet, and passed the first half, attacking the left much more than the right, relying on Geraldo in front of Ali Maaloul.

Hussein Al-Shahat did not succeed in receiving from the back, and was forced to wait for the two balls to the left of the opponent's penalty area above a slightly better grass than the middle midfielder.

Al Shahat managed to send a great pass to Azaro in the 17th minute from the safe area of ​​the stadium near the penalty area, but the Moroccan moved wrongly towards it to miss the opportunity to advance early, and deprived Hussein of making the goal.

Hussein Al-Shahat continued to lead in the semi-final in the penalty area to the left of the penalty area of ​​Hani Suleiman. His ground was intact. In the same box, he received a great pass from Amr Sulayy and put him under pressure to save and save the goalkeeper to a corner.

But then the UEFA team advanced to that imaginary box and closed it, forcing Hussein Al Shahat to move away to another safe area on the pitch other than the Bermuda Triangle in front of his bench and coach Lassarti.
The middle leg
I started my game in a way (4-3-3), which was based on the three-way play industry, the whole trio makes, no one just plays defensive, Amr Sulayy was the defense, and the duo is Nasser Maher and Karim Walid.

The tripartite exchange of roles such as Al-Sakia, sometimes Amr Al-Sulayyah is in the center of the playmaker and behind him Nasser Maher and Karim Walid, and sometimes Karim moves to occupy the same position while the Sulayman is late, and most of the time Maher is in the front of the game industry and trying on goal.

Nedved almost rewarded Lassarti for his positive thinking of the midfielders with a goal in the 29th minute when he broke through the fast defense to meet the ball pass, but the ball arrived before him to pass peacefully in the goal of Solomon.
And the passing of the Sulayah to the Shahat similar to the pass that resulted in the unique Azzaro famous in the last game against Zamalek, confirms that this player has an extraordinary vision in this spot of the stadium, and that he has the ability to send accurate passes between defenders as the best makers of games, and deserved to participate In that legion.

The moment of explosion

After 90 minutes, Al Ittihad waited for Al Ahly's usual goal, but they tried to stop him. Al Ahli continued to hit the green defense, left and right, and sometimes with inaccurate shots.

Even the most powerful blow from Ali Maaloul succeeded in breaking the Federation's goal and announcing the progress of Al-Ahmar, which was a declaration of victory, and in light of the desperate rush of the Federation and no organization of compensation, Ramadan was ready to make his best offers by dodging three players and paving the ball for Juma The net.

Ahli's goal was the result of the effort and misery for more than 90 minutes, the result of the exhaustion of the defense of the Sula, Karim and Nasser, and spend the first half without falling in the Burj Al Arab.
Luminous shots
Ammar Hamdi, a player of Al Ittihad from Al Ahli, was terrified during the first half due to his thickness, which enabled him to escape much of the defense and play behind Ahmed Fathi, who appeared far from his usual level due to his frequent departure from the stadium in the previous period.

Hamdi was close to scoring in the best shots of the technical union when he cut the ball in front of Ibrahim Ibrahim to pass smoothly and unique and paid, but Alshnawi gave the game dealt with the foot to keep a clean sheet.

The return of Razak Cisse in the second half in the case of the massive offensive rush to Ahli almost resulted in a great tribute to coach Hilmi Toulan, but it stopped at the feet of Yasser Ibrahim, after the success of Razak to start behind the defense to speed up almost alone and register without the intervention of Ahli defender to remove The ball and keep his team's hopes....


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