Al-Ahly defeats Al Ittihad in the 90's and wins a "temporary lead"

As usual, the Red Giant appeared in his favorite time after the 90th minute, so Al-Ahli took a dramatic and important victory against the Alexandria Union with two unanswered goals in the 27th round of the Egyptian league in the game held at Burj Al Arab Stadium.

Al-Ahli waited 90 minutes before Al Ittihad of Alexandria and then scored two goals in time instead of losing the feet of Ali Maaloul and Saleh Juma.

Al Ahly move to the top of the league temporarily after reaching the point of 55, one point behind Zamalek, who will play on Wednesday against Smouha.

While the Union is stuck at point 32 in ninth place.

The win is the tenth for Al Ahli in the league with Uruguayan coach Martine Lásarti for a defeat and a draw.

Description of the game

The first half started with an average level of both teams and the game was confined to the middle of the field without real danger on goal.

The first danger appeared to Ahli in the 21st minute after Amr Al-Sulayya passed a ball to Hussein Al-Shahat, which made him penetrate the area of ​​the penalty from the right side to pay strongly and away from Hani Suleiman to the corner.

Nasser Maher received the ball in the middle of the pitch and fired a powerful ball straight past the goal in a dangerous ball.

Al-Ittihad responded by Ammar Hamdi, who broke through Al-Ahly's penalty area and sent a cross that hit Yasser Ibrahim's hand, but the referee pointed to the continued play.

Ammar Hamdi continued his good appearance in the game and broke the penalty area of ​​Al-Ahli again and played a dangerous cross pass, but Shennawi shine in front of him and pushed the ball to the corner.

At the start of the second half, Al Ahly went on the offensive and Azzaro fired from the right and sent a cross to Nasser Maher, who met with a shot from the line of the penalty area, but Hani Sulaiman shine and move the ball away.

Martin Lassarty made the first change for Al Ahly and pushed Ramdan Sobhi instead of Hussein Al Shahat.

With the red pressure, Nasser Maher got a free kick from Ali Maloul but the ball hit the human wall.

Al Ahly made the second change with Benzol Saleh Jumaa instead of Karim Nedved, and in the final minutes Marwan Mohsen took part instead of Nasser Maher.

Until the 92nd minute good news for the Ahli Tunisian Tunisian foot Ali Maaloul, who scored the goal of winning the Red Giant with a rocket shot after an accidental from the Angolan.

Saleh Gomaa, who scored the second goal in the 99th minute after a superb start to Ramadan Subhi from the center of the pitch, who has dodged 3 of the UEFA players to pass the ball to Salih who put it in the net.


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