Ahli in trouble .. A new fall against Vita threatens the African march

Al Ahly put himself in a new dilemma after the second defeat in the African Champions League for the second time in a row, accepting defeat (1-0) against Vita Club in the Congo.

The win has frozen Ahli 7 points to stay in first place with a goal difference from Vita Club, who rose to second place, while Simba comes third with 6 points before facing the lowly Saoura with 5 points.

If Al Ahly wins the last game at home against Al-Saoura, he will be officially qualified without considering the outcome of the other game between Vita Club and Simba.

the summary of the match

Nasser Maher passed the ball behind the defense to Karim Walid, who was unique but slowed down and passed a cross that hit the defense rebelled quickly to become a corner in the second minute did not benefit from the Red.

Ahli almost scored a goal in the 12th minute with the help of the owners of the ground after a ball behind the defense around the player Vita mistakenly towards his goal to try to pick up the goalkeeper before turning into a corner.

Al Shennawi left the pitch in the 24th minute after a cross that was successfully broken but fell wrongly on the pitch to bend his ankle to twist and replace him instead.

Al-Ahli continued their offensive attempts against Vita Club and Marwan Mohsen was only able to take the lead in the 37th minute but the defense intervened in time and broke the ball into a touch.

Al-Ahli almost conceded a goal in the 45th minute after a cross on the far post came Ali Lotfi in her guard to play the club striker with a header to his teammate with a net to turn it with a header that hit the post and broke the defense of Ahli.

Ahli squandered the most dangerous opportunity in the 47th minute after a shot from Nasser Maher turned her goalkeeper to bounce to follow Marwan Mohsen Ajayi around Ajay header towards the net but the keeper away to follow Karim Nedved with a shot close to the goalkeeper Vita Club again.

Al-Ahly tried to reach the net again in the 63rd minute after a shot from Marwan Mohsen from outside the penalty area bounced from the keeper inside the penalty area did not find a match in front of the net.

Vita Club was close to scoring in the 69th minute with a powerful shot from the left which Ali Lutfi managed to turn into a corner kick that did not benefit the Congolese team.

Ali Maalouel left from the left to pass to Hussein Al Shahat inside the penalty area. The substitute shot a powerful ball in his right and went easy into the keeper's arms in the 83rd minute.

Vita Club scored a goal in the 84th minute through Xinda after a shot hit Mohammed Hani to fall in the net behind Ahli goalkeeper Ali Lutfi, who was able to watch without attempts.


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