After his group's elimination .. Ismaily hits a negative figure in its African history

After 9 years of absence from the Champions League, Ismaili returned but was not as ambitious as his fans or officials.

Ismaili, after five rounds of group participation in the African Champions League 2019, did not win, with only two draws at home to the youth of Constantine and Mazembe each with a goal, to combine two points before the last round.

Ismaili Group ranking after the fifth round:

1) Algerian Constantine - 10 points.

2) Congolese Mazembe - 8 points.

3) Tunisian African - 7 points.

4) Ismaily - Two points.

If Ismaili won his last group match against his African counterpart, he would remain a match for his team. But is this the worst version of the club that brought the first African princess to Egypt?

In 1969 Ismaili participated in the first edition of the tournament with its old title "African Championship for the Champions League Clubs; crowned the title as the first club to bring the African Princess to Egypt after beating his counterpart from the State of Zaire, Engelber 5-3.

Ismaili continued to participate in the next five editions but did not crown either, but withdrew in 1973 because of the October war.

The results of his posts, according to his official website as follows:

- 1970 Ismaili came out of the semi-finals after defeating Ghana's Konko.

- 1971 Ismaili out of the quarter-finals against the same team Konko Ghana.

- 1972, the club gave no result to the Ismaili except their match against his Libyan counterpart, Ahly Tripoli, which he defeated without specifying the role played.

- 1973 Ismaili withdrew after qualifying for the semi-finals because of the October War.

- 1992 Ismaili came out of the semifinals against the Sudanese Hilal.

- 1994 also knocked out of the semi-finals by defeating ASEC Abidjan of Ivory Coast.

Ismaili missed the return to participate in the tournament for the eighth time but was named tournament changed to the "African Champions League" The results of his posts:

- 2003 defeated in the final against Nigeria's Enyimba.

- 2010 Ismaili came out of the group stage third with 6 points, one point behind Nigeria's Heartland and two from Ahli, who climbed up and sailed behind leaders JS Kabylie.

- 2019 Ismaili came out with his group.


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