7 Features of the new Santiago Bernabeu

MADRID - Real Madrid president Florentino Perez on Tuesday presented a $ 575 million ($ 575 million) development of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, which will be launched by the end of the season in late May.

During the ceremony, Peres spoke about the most important features of this monument, which he described as "the best stadium in the world".

1- Business:

The new stadium is expected to start at the end of the season on May 20 and will have some improvements in its surroundings and is expected to end in 42 months until 2023.

2. Total cost

The development of the Miringi stadium will cost around 575 million euros, while the club management has confirmed that it will make a lot of gains from the new facilities while the club has requested a 35-year long loan.

3. New procedures:

The new changes will make the stadium more accessible to a larger audience of about 3,000, to a total of 90,000 spectators.

4- Digital Stadium for the Future:

According to Perez's assertions during the ceremony, the Bernabeu will be transformed into a large digital platform, where technology will be a leader with a place for e-sports and 360-degree video broadcasting.

In addition, the full pitch of the stadium will take about 15 minutes to protect the masses and players from the rain.

5. Changes in the pitch:

The new dimensions of the stadium will reach 66,000 square meters, which will lead to the creation of commercial and recreational areas.

There will also be a large square in La Castellana with an area of ​​22,000 square meters, green spaces instead of the current car park, and another 5,000 square meters.

6. New design:

Not only will the development of the new space, and the capacity of the stadium will be increased, but there will be two new towers, elevators, and entry areas will improve the evacuation in case of emergency.

7. New Museum and "Tour" of the Bernabeu:

The new museum space, which will be interactive by applying the latest virtual reality technologies, will grow.

The 'round' of the Bernabeu will be even bigger after these expansions.


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