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Report .. Compulsory amendment? .. The return of Ismaili to Africa may put the football federation in a new crisis

The African Football Confederation (CAF) has announced the date of the Ismaili club's matches against the Algerian youth of Constantine in the third and fourth group matches of the African Champions League.

The official website of CAF announced on Wednesday that the first confrontation will be held on February 23 in Egypt, while the fourth round will be held in Algeria on the second of next March.

KAF's new appointments over the Ismaili matches could cause a new crisis for the competition committee headed by Amer Hussein after Darwish returns to participate in the African Championship.

4 matches threatened with postponement

The head of the Competition Committee, Amer Hussein, has no choice but to choose a single way to resolve the problem of the Ismaili games, whether in the league or cup competition.

The start of the postponement will be Ismaili's match against Al Ittihad of Alexandria, which is scheduled for February 21 in the quarter-finals of the Egyptian Cup.

Of course, the…

After the end of the fourth .. Who qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions? Esperance is the closest and 3 points enough for Ahly

The fourth round of the African Champions League group stage, which saw the winner of the Champions League and the loss of Al Ahly runners-up outside the rules by Simba Tanzanian.

After the end of the round, the features showed a struggle in some teams and teams were close to booking their seats in the quarter-finals of the African Championship.

, The position of the four groups and the teams that came close to qualifying for the quarter-finals.

- The first group

Morocco's Wydad Casablanca lead the group with seven points behind goals from South Africa's Sun Downs.

In contrast, Nigeria's Lopez Stars and ASEC Mimosa are third and fourth respectively with four points.

Wydad, holders of the 2017 title, and the 2015 Sun Dawson have the chance to qualify in the next round.

Wydad will travel to Cote d'Ivoire to meet ASEC in the next round, while Sun Downs will host his rival Lube Stars.

the second group

Elsewhere, Espanyol lead Group B with 8 points, while Conakry Guinean have 7 poin…

Youth of Constantine: Al Kaf dealt with the issue of Ismaili amateur way

The youth of Constantine continued to criticize CAF's decision to return the Egyptian club Ismaili to the African Champions League after he decided to dismiss him at the start of the match in the final minutes of the match at the African-Tunisian Club.

French coach Denis Lavan, director of the youth club Constantine, said in a statement to Algerian radio on Friday that CAF dealt with the issue of Ismaili amateur way, and that his officials showed a clear deficit in the application of regulations.

Lavan explained that Ismaili players have no income in what happened, and that the responsibility is borne by the masses, stressing at the same time that the CAF had all the time to address the issue of Ismaili in time.

He also noted that the return of the two games against Ismaili will affect the plans of the team, which also competes on the league and local cup competitions.

Tariq Arrama, managing director of the youth club of Constantine, confirmed that the African Union did not have mercy…

"The Fugitive" in the Champions League .. The controversy is chasing Europe after Africa

In December, UEFA announced the launch of VAR in the Champions League this season, starting in the Round of 16.

"We are convinced that this technique will be useful and that its application will be positively reflected on all UEFA competitions, because it will provide great benefit to the referees and will reduce the decisions," said UEFA president Aleksandr Chivrin after announcing the decision. Which is applied in some games. "

The rounds of the 16th round of the continental championships have already seen the start of Tuesday's match between Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Roma and Porto, and on Wednesday between Real Madrid and Ajax Amsterdam, Tottenham and Borussia Dortmund.

Video technology played an active role in the match against Real Madrid and Ajax Amsterdam, where VAR canceled a goal for the Dutch team for infiltration.

Ajax scored a goal through Nicolas Tagliavico. After the celebrations, the referee intervened and pointed to the video to go to watc…

How can Ismaili qualify for the Champions' Quarterfinals? Opportunity Fore List

Ismaili lost to the youth of Constantine in the third round of the group stage of the African Champions League, with a subjective goal in the final moments of the age of the game.

Ismaili have one point and a game less than Mazembe and African, 6 points behind the lead.
Ismaili plays the fourth round match against the youth of Constantine in Algeria, then returns to Egypt to face TP Mazembe before heading to Tunisia to play against the Tunisian African.

But how can Ismaili qualify for the quarter-finals of the tournament through his next three games?

Before looking at the chances, Isma'ili if he can beat Constantine in the fourth round match will be equal to the Tunisian African in the number of points and only three points behind Constantine and Mazembe.

- Ismaili can lead the group in the event of winning all his next games, where he will reach 10 points, with Constantine tied with Mazembe in the Congo.

Ismaili could lead the group even if they reach point 10 even if Constantine or Ma…

How will Egypt's representatives be identified in the club tournaments?

The African Football Confederation (CAF) has explained how the current situation in Egyptian football will be dealt with. The names of the clubs participating in the Champions League and the Confederation will not be decided on time to send the club names.

The stand of the Egyptian championships after security decided to postpone the Cup games, and then announced Amer Hussein, head of the competitions committee that the tournament may be completed after the end of the Nations of Africa in July.

Not to settle the competitions, makes the biggest crisis facing the Egyptian clubs is to identify the participants in the two African Championships, whether the start of the new season of them on August 9 next.

Yalla Koura spoke to Shiho Deco, a member of the AU Club Competition Committee, to clarify the situation and possible solutions.

"I think the names will be sent between May and June, while the clubs will register their participation and their lists in late July and early August, as the …

Constantine: Ismaily team injured .. And winning will bring us to qualify

Tariq Arrama, managing director of Algeria's Constantine Youth Club, said the win over Ismaili in Saturday's African Champions League Group C match will bring them closer to the quarter-finals.

The Constantine youth lead Group D with seven points, with goals from Congolese Mazembe, while Isma'ili have one point.

"The points against Isma'ili are very important because winning them will bring us a lot closer to qualifying, although the draw against Ismaili and the African African team in the next round will allow us to achieve this goal," Araama told Algerian radio on Friday. For the win against Ismaili tomorrow. "

The youth of Constantine will miss tomorrow, Mohamed Amin Obeid and Adel Jabbout due to injury, but Araama stressed that the team has all the elements that allow him to win and called on the fans to support the players until the end to help win and give it to all Algerian fans.

He described Ismaili's injury to the injured team who has nothing to…

Ismaili lose their lead with a triple loss from Constantine

Ismaili team wasted a precious win at the expense of the youth of Constantine Algerian loss of two to three in the game, which came within the accounts of the fourth round of the third group in the league
African Champions.
The loss made Ismaili remain in last place with a single point, in return for youth
Constantine is top of the group with 10 points from the Congolese Mazembe 7 points and Tunisia's African 4 points.

Ismaili need to win in the next two games with Mazembe not getting any new points to reach the quarter-finals.
Match details

In the 13th minute of the match, Isma'ili's Emad Hamdi opened the scoring after a neat cross from Tarek Taha turned it into a goal as the ball crashed into the Algerian defense before the ball turned into the net.

In the 29th minute, Ismaili goalkeeper Mohamed Fawzi was denied the equalizer after a powerful shot from inside the penalty area.

Karim Bambo missed the opportunity to catch the second goal of the Ismaili in the 37th minute after rec…

Report .. Ahli highlights .. Is it included four Arab teams skip the groups of Africa after the fifth round?

The fifth round of the group stage begins in the African Champions League on Friday, where it is likely that this round will ensure some teams go up to the quarter-finals.

The Arab teams may dominate the boarding passes in the next round of the first continental championship at the club level through the teams of the Algerian sports club Alcantini Algerian and Moroccan sports and the Tunisian and Al-Ahly.

- The first group

Morocco's Wydad Casablanca have the opportunity to advance to the next round if they win the next round when they come out to meet ASEC in Côte d'Ivoire.

Morocco's Wydad, the 2017 champions, lead the standings on seven points with South Africa's Sun Dunes.

In contrast, Nigeria's Lopez Stars and ASEC Mimosa are third and fourth respectively with four points.

- the second group

Elsewhere in the final, Tunisia's Esperance have a chance to qualify from the next round if they beat Conakry in the match at the Bab Souika stadium.

Esperance leads the standin…

Report .. Before the confrontation of Ahli .. Vita Club arm in the stronghold of "riot and martyrs" to defeat the opponents

Al-Ahly will face Vita Club de Congolese on Saturday in a match in Group E of the African Champions League.

Al Ahly will head to Congo to face Vita at the Martyrs' Stadium, which recently witnessed riots during the Vita Club match against St Eloy Lubobo, which made the security authorities decide to close the stadium in local matches.

Al-Ahly are looking to win Saturday's match in order to secure a pass to the quarter-finals, but the Reds will collide strongly against Vita, where they have not suffered a defeat since May 24, 2017 after losing 3-0 to South Africa's Mamelodi Sundowns.

Following the loss from the Sundowns, Vita Club could return quickly during the 2017 edition of the CAF Champions League by defeating St. George of Ethiopia 2-1 in a match in the fourth round.

In the next game during this edition Vita Club tied for the first time against Esperance (2-2) in a match played in the fifth stage of the group stage.

- A fire and a new draw
In the final edition of the C…

Report .. Qualifying and avoiding a negative number within six challenges for Al Ahly against Vita Club

Al-Ahli will play a major match on Saturday during their African tour when they clash with the Vita Club of the Congolese team at Al-Shuhada Stadium in the fifth round of Group D of the African Champions League.

Under the leadership of Uruguayan coach Martin Lassarti, Ahli hopes to complete his career with the club's special offers in the league after nine successive victories in the local tour.

, Highlighted six challenges for Ahly during his encounter with the Congo champions:


Al Ahly need only three points in the next two games to ensure their official qualification for the quarter-finals of the third consecutive season.

Al Ahly are top of the standings with seven points from Yelena Simba of Tanzania with six points and Al Saoura of Algeria with five points.

Al-Ahly's victory in Saturday's match will mean his official qualification for the next round without considering the outcome of his last match against the Algerian Al-Saoura youth, which will be held in mid…

To protect the mission .. 3 requests for eligibility in the technical meeting of the match Vita Club

The technical meeting of Vita Club and Al Ahly on Friday resulted in the wearing of the traditional red and white jersey and red socks, with the goalkeeper wearing the entire yellow crew.

Al Ahli will host Vita Club at Al-Shuhada Stadium on Saturday at 6:00 pm in the fifth round of the African Champions League group stage.

Vita Club has decided to wear the green uniforms and the full green crew to the guard, and the two teams will be in the stadium for an hour and a half.

During the meeting, Al-Ahli made three requests:
- All the stadiums will be fully attended by the fans of Al Ahly, who will be allowed to attend the match, and will be allowed to attend the meeting with passports, as was done with the fans of Vita Club in the match that gathered the team at Burj Al Arab in Alexandria.

- Allocate a safe and decent place for players who are out of the match list.

- Increase the insurance assigned to guard the Ahli bus from the residence to the playground back and forth.

The security coordinat…

No victory .. Ismaili farewell to the African Champions League against Mazembe

Ismaili left the African Champions League after a 1-1 draw with Mazembe in a match at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria in the last round of the African Champions League group stage.

Mazembe opened the scoring in the 40th minute by Mishak Ilia before Abdul Rahman Magdy tied Ismaili in the 55th minute.

As a result, Isma'ili remain on top of Group C with two points from two draws after failing to win, while Mazembe scored 8 points in second place.

Ismaili returned to the current CAF Champions League after CAF decided to lift the suspension from the club and accept the board's appeal against its exclusion from the competition after the riots in the African-Tunisian match.

The African Union decided to exclude Isma'ili from the Champions League after forcing the referee to suspend his match against Africa on January 18 from the 86th minute until the end of the several-minute riot before the match was canceled.

Ismaili officials have been based on their grievance to Article 12 o…

Report .. How did Ismaili maintain the chances of qualifying for the African Champions League?

With a goal scored by Ismaeli's Abdurrahman Magdi in the group's fifth round match of the African Champions League, the Egyptian team realized a draw that did not help much, but gave a very valuable gift to the Tunisian African team.

Ismaili officially lost the Champions League quarter-finals, having secured the bottom of Group C with a two-point lead, while competition for the two qualifiers was restricted to the young Algerians of Constantine, Mazembe of Congo and Tunisia.

The Algerian team lead the group with 10 points, while Mazembe are second with 8 points, and not only the African Ismaili gift, but helped himself after winning a valuable victory from the Algerian territory at the expense of the youth of Constantine, a clean, to raise the score to 7 points in third place.

Mazembe host the youth of Constantine in the final round, while Ismaili go out to face Africa, and lead the leaders and group leaders to the quarterfinals.

Ismaili kept his match with Mazembe on the hopes of…

Maran Ahli .. Long physical share .. And training on the promotions and corrections

Al-Ahly Marana continued to play in the Congo on Friday in preparation for their match against Vita Club at 6:00 pm on Saturday in the fifth round of the African Champions League group stage.

Sayed Abdel Hafiz, the club's football director, allowed the Congolese media and a number of African channels to attend a 15-minute first leg in accordance with the CA rules governing the African Champions League.

Lassarti was keen to meet with the assistant team on the sidelines of the team's training session on Friday. He set some tasks for the members of the technical staff during the team's training session today, and then talked about tomorrow's game and some technical issues related to it.

The team led a long stretch of physical and hospital training with the team's first team run, today led by Alejandro, the team's coach, for 20 minutes.

On the sidelines of the match, Sayed Abdel Hafiz, the club's football director, was keen to meet the team's doctor, Khaled Mah…

Teeb: "A nice win" will help Ahli against Vita .. Zamalek is closest to winning the Confederation

Former Moroccan midfielder Emad Mouteb has confirmed the difficulty of the match against Vita Club Congo on Saturday in the last round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

"The Vita Club match will be difficult, and if Al Ahly can win, Vita will come out of the group's accounts," Meteb told television on Friday.

He added: "Vita Club has great hope in the game of tomorrow, seeking to equal with Ahli in the number of points to maintain his hopes in the competition for the qualification card."

"Al Ahly will enter the match with a great win against Petrojet and a great rest before the two games for the first time in a long time."

Al-Ahly scored their ninth victory in the league after Petrojet swept through a clean fourth to reach second place in the league behind leaders Zamalek by a point.

"The gains he made in Petrojet will help him against Vita Club, especially as he may rely on duo Ramzan Sobhi and Hussein Al Shahat in the match after t…

After his group's elimination .. Ismaily hits a negative figure in its African history

After 9 years of absence from the Champions League, Ismaili returned but was not as ambitious as his fans or officials.

Ismaili, after five rounds of group participation in the African Champions League 2019, did not win, with only two draws at home to the youth of Constantine and Mazembe each with a goal, to combine two points before the last round.

Ismaili Group ranking after the fifth round:

1) Algerian Constantine - 10 points.

2) Congolese Mazembe - 8 points.

3) Tunisian African - 7 points.

4) Ismaily - Two points.

If Ismaili won his last group match against his African counterpart, he would remain a match for his team. But is this the worst version of the club that brought the first African princess to Egypt?

In 1969 Ismaili participated in the first edition of the tournament with its old title "African Championship for the Champions League Clubs; crowned the title as the first club to bring the African Princess to Egypt after beating his counterpart from the State of Zaire, Engelber…

File Friday .. Alternative Stadium Port Said .. Concern before the face of Vita .. Ismaili and farewell to Africa

Friday witnessed a number of important events, most notably the talk about the alternative stadium of Port Said, next to Juergen Klopp's remarks about Mohamed Salah and the future of Moamen Zakaria.

Aguero will stimulate Salah

Former Liverpool legend John Aldridge has said Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will motivate Reds player Mohamed Salah to win the Golden Boot award this year.
CLUB: Salah numbers are incredible

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp said the figures of Reds star Mohamed Salah were unbelievable.

Ahli discuss the fate of Zakaria

A source in the club Ahli that Sayed Abdel Hafiz, the director of football team, will hold a meeting in the coming days with the player Mumin Zakaria, who went on loan to the ranks of a Saudi to discuss the future.

Worried about the Vita Club Ground

Ahmed Fathi, the leader of Al Ahli club, fears the ground of Al-Shuhada Stadium, where Al-Ahmar and Vita Club will be held on Saturday in the fifth round of the African Champions League, stressing t…

Ahli in trouble .. A new fall against Vita threatens the African march

Al Ahly put himself in a new dilemma after the second defeat in the African Champions League for the second time in a row, accepting defeat (1-0) against Vita Club in the Congo.

The win has frozen Ahli 7 points to stay in first place with a goal difference from Vita Club, who rose to second place, while Simba comes third with 6 points before facing the lowly Saoura with 5 points.

If Al Ahly wins the last game at home against Al-Saoura, he will be officially qualified without considering the outcome of the other game between Vita Club and Simba.

the summary of the match

Nasser Maher passed the ball behind the defense to Karim Walid, who was unique but slowed down and passed a cross that hit the defense rebelled quickly to become a corner in the second minute did not benefit from the Red.

Ahli almost scored a goal in the 12th minute with the help of the owners of the ground after a ball behind the defense around the player Vita mistakenly towards his goal to try to pick up the goalkeeper bef…

Report .. node 204 days is still chasing Ahli in Africa

Al Ahli continued to suffer from the African side after falling to Vita Club Congo 1-0 on Saturday in the semi-final round of the group stage of the Champions League.

Al-Ahli's seven-point lead at the top of the standings was temporarily suspended by a direct lead against Vita Club, who lost 2-0.

- Suffering outside the home

Al Ahly failed to achieve any victory this season in the African Champions League, continuing to suffer for the seventh straight game away in the continental competition, specifically 204 days ago.

The last victory of the Red Card was to be held on 17 August 2018 after the win over Esperance of Tunisia with the goal of Moroccan Walid Azzaro, at the end of the group stage of the last version of the competition

Since then, Al Ahli have drawn 0-0 in Guinea in the Champions League quarter-final, losing to ES Setif in Algeria 2-0 and Al Targe in Tunisia 3-0 in the final.

The negative results of Al Ahli went on in the current edition, after losing 1-0 to Jemaa (1-0), befo…

El Esperance and Sundowns win, and 6 seats to be resolved by 7 matches

In the last two rounds - and South Africa's Sundowns qualified for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League before the end of the group stage in one round.

The competition is on fire before the start of the sixth and final round, with 11 teams vying for six seats in the next round after Esperance and Sundowns officially rose.

In the following report, "Yalla Koura" reviews the position of the four groups after the end of the fifth round of the Champions League:

- The first group

South Africa's Sundowns, who won the 2016 final, were officially qualified to beat Nigeria's Lobi Stars 3-0 with 10 points.

In contrast, Morocco's Wydad Casablanca - the 2017 champions - lost to Ivory Coast champions ASEC 2-0.

The standings are: Sundowns (10 points) - Wydad Casablanca (7 points) - ASEC (7 points) - Lobby Stars (4 points).

After the Sundowns, the competition between the duo Wydad and Asek was the only chance for the duo to win with the other side falling in the sense…

Al-Ahli starts preparations for the bracelet Tuesday

Arsenal coach Martin LaSarte has decided to give his players a negative break from the group's training on Monday after losing to Vita Club Congo 1-0 in the fifth group stage of the African Champions League.

The coach's decision to give the players a negative rest of the group exercises tomorrow, because of the hardship of the journey from Congo to Cairo, which reached more than 11 hours.

The mission leaves Kinshasa airport in Congo at 1:30 pm Sunday on its way back to Cairo, and transit will take place in Addis Ababa for two hours before resuming the journey again to return to Cairo.

The team will resume its training next Tuesday at the island's Tch Stadium, where the team's mission will be headed by Tareq Kandil, a board member, to Cairo at 2:00 a.m. Monday.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Algeria's Al-Saoura on Saturday in Egypt, ending the Champions League group stage in an encounter in which the Red Giant will try to win the ticket to the quarter-finals without consi…

Ahly delays the bombing of the Union to celebrate the top in his favorite way

Al Ahly used their favorite weapon and scored two goals after 90 minutes in the match against Al Ittihad to win 2-0 in the 27th round of the Premier League.
The goal of the first game came in the 90 + 2 minute through Maalool, Saleh Juma added the second goal in the 90th minute + 8, to snatch Red a difficult victory.
Al Ahli rose to 55 points to lead the Premier League temporarily by a point on Zamalek, waiting for what will result from the match between the White and Smouha on Wednesday.
the summary of the match

The first ten minutes saw no attempts at the goalers, with almost complete control of the national flute but in the middle of the pitch without attempts at the UEFA.

Hussein Al-Shahat was sent off from the right-hand side and headed for Azzaro in front of the goal but was in the middle of a defensive defense that managed to disperse the ball in front of the Ahli striker in the 17th minute.

Al-Sulayyya had a wonderful lead between defenders and Hussein Al-Shahat in the penalty area …

Barcelona to snatch a draw from Villarreal in the meeting of the "2 Remontada"

MADRID (Reuters) - Barcelona have drawn a thrilling draw from Villarreal with four goals for each team on Tuesday evening as part of the 30th round of the Spanish Premier League.

The match saw Barcelona win 2-0 at the start, before Villarreal scored four straight goals, and the Catalan team returned 2-0 in the 90th and 90th minutes.

Barcelona have 70 points in the league, eight points behind Atletico Madrid, while Villarreal are in 17th place with 30 points.

the summary of the match

Villarreal managed to threaten Barcelona's goal early, after Pedraza had a cross in the fourth minute to turn it into a strong header, Steigen barely conceded.

Four minutes later, Chuckwies almost scored a goal for the hosts after being eliminated as a result of a fatal mistake by Omtiti, but the German goalkeeper kept them away again.

With the first attack on Barcelona, ​​Coutinho was able to catch the first goal in the 12th minute after a start from Malcolm, who turned the ground cross for his Brazilian ci…

Analysis .. How did Ahli win? Hammer, Safe Passage and Central "Equator"

Al Ahly grabbed one of their most important victories this season with a clean double on Al Ittihad of Alexandria in the 27th round of the Premier League, but won after suffering and misery in Burj Al Arab.

The national goal came after the end of the original time, Maaloul opened in the 90 + 2 minute, Saleh Juma added the second goal 90 + 8, but what happened within 90 minutes to prepare for this victory?
Helmi Toulan left the ball for Lasarti in the first quarter of the hour and slipped to defense. He managed to make Ahli's takeover negative most of the time, but Al-Ahmar continued to press the ball on the sides and in the middle and then hit the defense with a pass in depth or from the sides.
Al-Ahli continued as a hammer and found a damper happy with beatings, and refused to indulge in his land, and the Union has remained steadfast, addressing every blow come, taking advantage of the red scale and make his strikes ineffectual, weak.
Secure Traffic

At the start of the meeting, …

He contributed 16 goals and gave gifts to 8 players. How did he become Al Ahly "Happiness Maker"?

The Tunisian striker Ali Maalouel is the most powerful offensive weapon of Al-Ahly this season and has been translated into a deadly goal in the second minute of the stoppage time. He was given top spot in the league table for the first time this season. .

Salih Gomaa boosted Al Ahly's lead in the ninth minute of stoppage time, bringing the defending champions to 55 points, up for the first time to the top of the Egyptian league standings this season, one point ahead of Zamalek, who have a chance to regain the lead, From Ahli.

Maalul left his left front to appear in front of the penalty area of ​​the Union of Alexandria in a time of killer, and received a cross pass with a rocket shot failed Hani Suleiman, the keeper of the owners of the ground in response to collide with his hand and net the announcement of the three most expensive points for Ahli this season.

With a goal in the net, he raised the number of goals he contributed directly to 16 goals in the Egyptian and African Champi…